Professional, Medical Peripherals, Colposcopes / Anoscopes

Project Description

The UCSF Anal Neoplasia Clinic, Research, and Education (ANCRE) Center is part of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. Care includes a wide range of screening, diagnosis and treatment options, such as anal cytology, high-resolution anoscopy, anal biopsy, infrared coagulation therapy, electrocautery therapy and more.

UCSF is a legacy customer. They have been using our software for over 15 years now to capture and store High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA) images and video clips. Along with our software, UCSF has purchased a variety of different medical cameras to connect to their Colposcope / Anoscopes.

In 2013, UCSF won an eight-year grant from the National Cancer Institute for a major investigation into anal cancer, a debilitating and sometimes fatal disease largely concentrated among people with HIV. Click the link for more information on the The ANCHOR Study.

Project Info

Client: UCSF ANCRE Center

Category: Infectious Diseases, Colposcopes / Anoscopes

Products: Professional, Medical Peripherals

Website: UCSF ANCRE Center

Website: The ANCHOR Study

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