Custom Development

We started in 1984 as a software development company and though we have a full line of off-the-shelf products, we have not outgrown our roots. To some extent, all of our products are customizable. We learned a long time ago that everyone wants something different. This is especially true for Telemedicine / Telehealth applications which can encompass just about all medical specialties and it is not our job to tell you how to practice medicine. Our task as developers is to develop off-the-shelf products that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual project. Based on our experience and the various projects we have been involved in throughout the years, we feel we have accomplished this.

We are available for hire to create project specific products and protocols. In most cases this involves creating custom data input forms to capture all of the project specific data and the reports to analyze them. When necessary we can also create custom protocols that will walk the user through the entire clinical process to simplify the steps to collect all of the required data for a specific patient population. Project specific home health / remote patient monitoring systems as well as custom Telemedicine / Telehealth carts and workstations are also available.

Second OpinionTM Professional Developer Edition is available to developers wanting to create their own custom add-ins. Custom Forms, Reports and Protocols can be created using available tools or via high level programming languages. The Second OpinionTM Enterprise RESTful API is available to developers wanting to create Mobile Apps to interact with the Enterprise server.

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