Second OpinionTM Telehealth Dashboard

The Second OpinionTM Telehealth Dashboard consists of three main components; Communication Server, Central Station and the Patient side KIOSK interactive software.

The Communication Server runs as a Server Side Process and it can be run on the same server as the Second OpinionTM Enterprise Portal. The Patient Side KIOSK software facilitates the connection to the Communication Server and is responsible to connect to all of the local devices that may be connected to the local Telemedicine system.

The Central Station Software is used by the Nurse / Physician to connect into the Communication Server to monitor the active connections waiting for a consultation. The Telehealth Dashboard software manages and controls all interactions with the remote sites.

The Second OpinionTM Telehealth Dashboard is a comprehensive, integrated solution that can be used in a variety of different settings. It features a unique Communication Server that abstracts the connection between the Remote Site and the Central Station. Remote sites connect to the Server and when the Central Station wants to connect to a particular site, they simply click on that site in the list. This allows for a one to many connections when monitoring Vitals and Stethoscope. If collecting and monitoring Vitals is required, the system can also be used as a remote patient monitoring solution. Patient's vitals can be collected and sent to the central server via Store and Forward or monitored in real-time. The Telehealth Dashboard also features Remote Video Capture, Two-Way Communications and Electronic Stethoscope Conferencing.


  • Communication Server

    The Communication Server facilitates the connections between the Patient side KIOSK and Central Station software.

  • Multi-Site Capable

    Multiple sites can use the Telehealth Dashboard at the same time. The Central Station software will only show the connected Patients the User has access to.

  • Enterprise / Professional Add-on

    The Telehealth Dashboard is a fully integrated add-on for both Second OpinionTM Enterprise and Professional. All of the data collected during a session is stored back into the Patient's record of the calling program.

  • Remote Video Capture

    Specialists / Nurses using the Central Station software can connect to the Patient side computer and take control of the cameras and scopes at the remote side. Once connected they can take pictures and save them to the Patient's folder.

  • ECG Recording and Monitoring

    When using the Second OpinionTM Integrated Vital Sign Monitor, ECGs can be recorded and uploaded to the Patient's record as well as monitored in real-time.

  • Stethoscope Conferencing

    The Telehealth Dashboard has the ability to stream electronic stethoscope heart and lung sounds in real-time with no degradation of sound quality.

  • One to Many Communication Sessions

    Multiple Central Stations can connect to a single Patient side system. This is very helpful when monitoring a Patient's vital signs in real-time and during Stethoscope Conferencing sessions.

  • Integrated Video Conferencing

    Connect with just about any type of device, phone, tablet, PC and standards based video conferencing CODEC from Tandberg, Cisco or Polycom.

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