Custom Integration

Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc., has the ability to create custom integrated solutions for just about all medical specialties. All that is required is a problem that needs to be solved. Just about all of the products we offer have been built from the ground up to solve project specific requirements. Sites come to us with a project in mind or a problem they are trying to solve and we come up with a solution.

Besides writing custom programs, we offer a variety of other tools and APIs to help with custom integration projects or customer specific needs. Our Second OpinionTM Professional product has both Custom Form and Report designers available. Both custom forms and reports can be added to the program without the need to change one line of code. Professional also has automation capabilities, an SDK is available. This allows the functions and features available in Professional to be managed and launched by other third part programs.

Our Second OpinionTM Enterprise platform has a comprehensive RESTful API interface so it to can be easily integrated with other applications or it can be used as a back end process engine for mobile apps or any other external application development.

All of our products have the ability to connect to various EMR / EHR / HIS platforms via HL7, FHIR or in other EMR specific way. Once the data exchange has been defined, an interface can be created.

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